“Masi Foundation” Recording Award for Venetian Culture

1) Q.: Which opportunities are offered to the winners of the “Masi Foundation” Recording Award?

A.: First of all there is the possibility to record a Compact Disc - a special edition with brochure in five languages - which Masi Foundation, being interested in promoting Venetian Culture, will spread to a mailing list of about 4000 opinion leaders in the world.

Moreover, the winning group will receive a scholarship of 5,000 Euros as a fee for the realization of concerts (4 concerts for groups with 2 to 6 members; 2 concerts for groups from 7 to 9 members; 1 concerts for groups with more than 9 members) which will take place during the next season at organizations of great renown. Travelling and lodgings expenses paid for the realization of the concerts will be refunded.

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Enti Promotori/Promoting Institutions:  ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE “GAETANO ZINETTI”

FONDAZIONE “MASI” • 37020 Gargagnago di Valpolicella (Vr) • tel. 0039 045 6832511• fax 0039 045 6832536

FONDAZIONE “ANTONIO SALIERI” DI LEGNAGO • c/o Comune di Legnago • 37045 Legnago - Verona • tel/fax 0039 0442 81505

Progetto e coordinamento/Planning and general coordination:

prof. Filippo Maria Cailotto • Via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 • 37126 Verona • tel. 0039 045 915538 (r.a.) • fax 0039 045 8300633

e-mail: info@salieri-zinetticompetition.eu