In order to give variety to the series of the Masi Foundation Award recordings, called "Espressioni delle Venezie” (Expressions of the Venetian area), the Foundation has decided to propose specific themes.

Proposed theme for 2019 and 2020

“Expressions of the Venetian territories in Jazz”.

With this theme Foundation Award aims at looking toward the horizon, in order not to be limited to celebrate the splendour of a more or less distant past, but also to look at current times and create the basis for some innovation in the musical culture of the Venetian area.

The artistic framework this theme would like to explore originates from the contemporary reinterpretation of the Venetian works composed in the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods: the theme proposes the interpretation of ancient compositions belonging to the Golden Age of the Venetian civilization through the modern languages of jazz and improvisation. We will get in this way a modern and original musical product, while inspired at the same time by Venetian composers and hence bound to witnesses of our culture.

The project proposes the artistic cross-fertilisation of two different worlds of musical expression, one connected to our past, one rooted in the contemporary world: what happens if we insert the stimulus of the last language in the expressive world of the first one?

The result we hope for is to find a third dimension, a third language, different, "other" than the two worlds of musical expression that generated it. A fusion between two cultures that leads to the discovery of a new essence, challenging, engaging, in line with our times.

This musical proposal is inspired by a concept which is relevant in our production system, namely that of "innovation within tradition", meaning in this way to constitute a kind of metaphor of how to deal with a path of innovation, looking to the future while remaining firmly rooted in our cultural identity.

Proposed themes

Ente Promotore/Promoting Institution:

FONDAZIONE “MASI” • 37015 Gargagnago di Valpolicella (Vr) • tel. 0039 045 6832511• fax 0039 045 6832536

in collaborazione con/in collaboration with

Concorso internazionale di musica da camera


International Chamber Music Competition

Verona - Mantova

Progetto e coordinamento/Planning and general coordination:

prof. Filippo Maria Cailotto • Via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 • 37126 Verona • tel. 0039 045 915538 (r.a.) • fax 0039 045 8300633